Sources of Information

Guides and handbooks

  • About the University
    An overview of the collegiate University, including its history, structure, and statistics relating to staff and student numbers.
  • Expenses Policy and Guide
    Information about claiming reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the University.
  • Living Out Guide
    Produced by the Oxford University Student Union, the guide is aimed at students, but contains information which may be of interest to new staff, including information about where to find accommodation and advice when renting accommodation.
  • Staff Handbook
    A guide for University staff, covering terms and conditions of employment, policies and procedures, and staff benefits. There are two versions: one for academic-related staff and one for support staff.

Online resources

  • Staff Gateway
    An online entry point to a range of information and resources on the University website that are of particular use to members of staff.
  • Staff news
    An online news service for members of staff, which provides news and updates relating to University business and life.
  • Induction for new staff
    An online course, provided by the People and Organisational Development team, which offers a general introduction to the collegiate University.
  • Information for academic staff
    Employment-related information including appointments and leave.
  • Advice for new staff
    Information about training, mentoring, career and professional development.
  • Resources for teaching staff
    Support and resources for all those who teach.
  • Information for international staff
    Information about relocating to the UK from overseas.


The main University-wide publications include:

  • Annual Review
    Published each January, the Annual Review contains articles on research and developments at Oxford, as well as information on honours, appointments, major benefactions, and the year's financial statements.
  • Gazette
    The authorised journal of record of the collegiate University, which is published weekly from September to July, with brief breaks in the Christmas and Easter vacations. Information on the University's formal business, including changes to Statutes and Regulations and meetings of Congregation, must be published in the Gazette. It also includes announcements of events, appointments to University posts, vacancies for academic and senior administrative posts, and notices about grants available.
  • University Calendar
    The Calendar, a compendium of information about divisions, departments, colleges, committees and University Officers, is published in print each academic year by OUP. It can be purchased from local bookshops. An online version, updated each term, can be read by any staff member of the collegiate University.

You can sign up to receive an email alert for the Gazette by completing the online form at Manage my Subscriptions. If you would like to receive sample copies of the publications before registering your preferences, please email to receive a taster pack.


A list of publications and newsletters for members of staff at Oxford is available in the Publications & newsletters section of the Staff Gateway.

Events listings

The Staff Events page of the Staff Gateway contains listings for events that are open to members of the University, including lectures and seminars, as well as concerts, exhibitions and talks open to the public.

The Gazette, which is published weekly from September to July (with brief breaks in the Christmas and Easter vacations), contains information about talks and lectures open to members of the University, together with exhibitions and concerts taking place across the collegiate University. The Special Lecture List, which includes individual lectures by major figures from outside the University, is published as a supplement to the Gazette at the start of each term.