When you start

The basics

University Card

All staff and academic visitors are issued with a University Card. Your employing department or college will arrange this for you in advance or provide you with an application form once you arrive.

The University Card is used for security purposes, to provide access to buildings, and to identify your entitlement to use a range of University services, such as computing facilities and the libraries. It should be carried with you at all times. You can also use your University Card to enjoy a range of benefits, from discounts at local shops to free membership of the University Club.

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Getting paid

University staff are paid on a monthly basis, with payments made direct to your bank or building society account. Salary payments are normally paid on the penultimate working day of each month. Your payslip is sent to your department by internal mail, and arrives on or just before payday.

If you hold a joint appointment, you have a combined university and college stipend. This means that you will receive two salary payments each month: one from the University and one from your college.


The University offers occupational pension schemes for eligible employees. These schemes provide a pension and a tax-free lump sum on retirement as well as life cover while you are in the University's employment. If eligible, you will automatically be enrolled into the appropriate pension scheme unless you give notice in writing that you do not wish to belong to the scheme.

Salary Exchange

Salary Exchange for Pension Contributions is an arrangement for members of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) and Oxford Staff Pension Scheme (OSPS). It affects the way in which pension contributions are made, bringing financial benefits for both individuals and the University. If you join USS or OSPS, you will be enrolled automatically in Salary Exchange three months after joining the University, unless you request to opt out.


The number of days' holiday to which you are entitled will be specified in your letter of appointment. The normal leave year for University staff runs from 1 October to 30 September. Holiday accrual begins from your first day of employment.

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Computers and phones

IT services

All staff are automatically registered for a Single Sign-on Account, which gives you access to an email account, the University's virtual learning environment (WebLearn), personal web pages, and other resources. Your username and activation code will be sent by internal mail to your department or college once your University Card has been issued.


The area code for Oxford is 01865. The main switchboard number for the University is 01865 270000.

To find out your telephone number, dial the automated service 10888.

Making calls

To call an external number, dial '9' followed by the full number.

To call an internal number, dial the last five digits of the full number (i.e. excluding the initial '1', '2', '3', '7' or '8').

If you are calling an internal number from the Hospital network, dial 731 followed by the University five-digit extension.

If you are calling the Hospital network from an internal number, dial 553 followed by the five-digit extension. 

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The University of Oxford is served by over 100 libraries, which together hold over 11 million volumes, making it the largest university library system in the UK.

For members of staff and academic visitors, your University Card serves as your library card and you will be able to use most libraries in University institutions, including the Bodleian Libraries. Registration on a first visit to a library will often be required. Further information is available on the Bodleian Libraries' website.

Every college has its own library, often consisting of a modern, working library and older collections. Further information can be found on individual college websites. 

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A number of general induction programmes are available to new staff:

  • 'Induction for new staff' is an online introduction to the University provided by the People and Organisational Development team. Registration stays active for a year so you can complete the course in stages while you settle into your new job.
  • 'Breakfast at IT Services' is a termly event run by Oxford University IT Services to introduce new members of staff to its services and facilities.

Role-specific and local inductions include:

  • 'Oxford Essentials' is a one-day induction event run by the Centre for Teaching and Learning for newly appointed academic, teaching and research staff.
  • 'Welcome event for research staff', a half-day session run by the People and Organisational Development for researchers within their first year at the University.
  • Information for new researchers and for academics can be found on the People and Organisational Development and the Centre for Teaching and Learning websites.
  • 'Managing research staff: an introduction for postdocs', a training course for new staff who have responsibility for managing research staff.
  • University Administration & Services (UAS) runs an induction programme for new members of UAS staff and administrative staff in academic divisions and departments. The programme provides a broad introduction to the history and structure of the collegiate University and of UAS.
  • 'New to UAS' is a website providing information for new members of University Administration & Services staff.
  • 'Introduction to Finance' is a half-day training course for new staff with financial responsibilities.
  • 'AAD induction' provides an introduction to the Academic Administration Division (AAD) and how the AAD, colleges and departments work together in the support and administration of the student career.

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