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The University is committed to creating an environment where "everybody is supported to feel and perform at their best as part of the University community".

Building on the work undertaken by the Wellbeing Programme Board as a result of the pandemic, we are developing a new strategy and programme to support staff wellbeing. All key developments will be posted here, along with content, information and links to support your wellbeing whilst working here at Oxford.

Please use the resources we've listed here to help look after yourself and your colleagues. If you have feedback on any of the Staff Wellbeing initiatives you have experienced, or would like to share examples of best practice within your department, please contact the Staff Wellbeing Team using the links to the right of this page or the Staff Wellbeing Teams channel.

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Key objectives 2022-2024

How the university plans to promote and enhance your wellbeing. 

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Meet the team

Joanne Mason – Head of Wellbeing 

Frances Parkes – Wellbeing Programme Manager