Whilst you are away

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If emergency assistance is required, contact Aon Protect Assistance and follow any advice given.

The Emergency Assistance provider MUST be contacted in the event that emergency repatriation is required.

The University Insurance Team should be notified of any incident within 28 days of occurrence, even if you have not returned to the UK within that time.

It is a policy condition that you report any theft or crime to the police or relevant security personnel immediately and obtain a written report.

Expenses allowed

You may claim the additional cost of meals taken en route or whilst away from your usual place of work, if you are travelling for the whole or a substantial part of the working day. This includes costs of meals and refreshments as well as snacks. For further guidance, check the expenses guidance on subsistence

Working meals

If you're planning a business lunch or other working meals during your trip, ensure you meet the conditions for business entertaining

All claims for reimbursement must be supported by documentary evidence in the form of a bill or similar.

Record reasons for your travel

Depending on how your research project is funded, you might have to prove your travel costs are eligible to be reimbursed by the relevant funding body. It is best practice to keep a record of the reason for the trip and relate this directly and clearly to the expected activities of your project description. You should also make sure that the department has approved your travel at a suitable level.

Keep all documents

Funding bodies like the European Commission require clear evidence of the costs incurred, including boarding passes and hard copy hotel check-out documents (ticket purchase confirmations are not sufficient). You should also keep evidence of conference attendance and poster sessions.

Contact Research Services for more information: find contacts

Personnel Services provide detailed guidance and advice about working overseas.

For example, if are considering working overseas for an extended period of time, you will need to

  • seek approval from your department before making any plans: there is no automatic right to work overseas
  • speak to your local HR contact who can get advice about the tax, National Insurance and social security payments implications of working overseas. This must be done in good time and in all cases before the work overseas commences.

If your department approves, in principle, that you can work overseas you will need to

Information security

You must ensure to protect your data and devices when you’re travelling. The information security team provides guidance on how to keep data safe on the move.

If you suspect a data breach, you must report it

Bribery risks

If your trip includes the exchange of gifts, donations or hospitality, you should check the University's gifts and hospitality policy.

Be also aware of the risks around bribery and fraud and report any suspected cases.