Engagement and Dissemination Portfolio initiatives

All initiatives are subject to review and approval by the committee portfolio

Please note that the below table will continue to be updated as the status of each initiative changes, check back regularly for updates 

Initiative Name What will this initiative cover? Initiative Type  Proposed Year Status
University web platform and strategy The first phase of implementing the recommendations from the earlier investigative assignment into the fragmented approach to content, systems and governance of the University websites.
Implementation of a joined-up web platform eco-system, and development of a unified approach to content strategy and design.
Intervention 2023-24 Approved
University intranet and information sharing solution The first phase of implementing the recommendations from the earlier investigative assignment into the processes, platforms, and channels used to inform and engage staff.
Implementation of a new University-wide intranet service and other internal communication tools for the effective dissemination of information; and streamlined processes for staff and communicators.
Intervention 2023-24 Approved
GLAM digital collection ecosystem  Support is being provided for the Museums' collections-related systems through an interim service model. A more sustainable operating model is required to maximise the potential of the digital collections systems through continuous improvement, and collaborative working. Investigation to produce a recommended target operating model to more effectively manage and support the digital collection eco-system, including the roles, skills and funding required. Investigative Assignment 2023-24 Approved
GLAM audience framework Investigation to enhance GLAM's understanding of its audiences (both online and onsite) and to provide recommendations for optimising engagement and opportunities for new/improved digital services, in order to help embed deeper audience-centred thinking into GLAM’s programming and operations. Outputs will include a revised ‘GLAM audience framework’ which will be applicable division-wide to support all of GLAM's institutions to better design and optimise services for users. Investigative Assignment 2023-24 Approved
Digital Bodleian text transcript capability Implementation of a key enhancement to the Digital Bodleian to provide searchable transcripts of the text, that is currently displayed as part of images or within audio-visual recordings, within the platform. This will provide users and researchers globally with the ability to better search and interrogate the rich contents of the system, which will facilitate the discovery of new insights from within the Bodleian Libraries’ extraordinary and unique collections. Intervention 2023-24 Approved
Born digital/ digital preservation An investigation to review and pilot potential solution options for the storage, curation, discovery, and preservation of elements of GLAM’s increasing ‘born digital’ collections (NB ‘born digital’ refers to items that have been natively created in digital format, rather than digitised e.g. email, videos, electronic documents). In addition, the investigation will look more widely at the preservation of digital collections including how the Digital Preservation Micro Services system, which monitors digital collections, can be further embedded and expanded across the GLAM institutions. Investigative Assignment 2023-24