Education Portfolio initiatives

All initiatives are subject to review and approval by the committee portfolio

Please note that the below table will continue to be updated as the status of each initiative changes, check back regularly for updates 

Initiative Name What will this initiative cover? Initiative Type  Proposed Year Status
Student hub (Phase 1) The first phase of implementing the recommendations from the earlier investigative assignment into the requirements for a student portal, though the launch of a single online site and/or app that will provide consolidated access to a number of student services provided by colleges, departments, and the central University. Intervention 2023-24 Approved
Student Outreach and Lifecycle (CRM) (Phase 1) The first phase of implementing the recommendations from the earlier investigative assignment into a strategic solution for managing effective communication with students, from prospective students through to completion of the student lifecycle.
Initial phase is likely to focus on student outreach.
Intervention 2023-24  
Student welfare/support case management  Demand for student welfare and support services is increasing, but there is no consolidated view of across the services to enable better support of student needs and to improve admin-heavy manual processes.
Investigation into the current end-to-end processes, requirements, and recommendations for a joined-up solution.
Investigative Assignment 2023-24  
Student system (SITS) strategic review Definition of a long-term strategy for the student record system, including recommendations for how to better integrate SITS with other student systems. Investigative Assignment 2023-24  
2/3D Visualisation Tools for Teaching and Learning Use of material objects in teaching and learning enables students to examine the object and learn from their observations and interactions first hand. However, access is limited to the space in which they exist and the time in which they are being shown. Use of accessible and interactive 2D and 3D digital models would remove those limitations, and enable the dissemination of knowledge well beyond the classroom or museum.
Investigation into the demand and high level requirements for visualisation and augmented reality capability across the University; and an evaluation of options, and recommended approach.
Investigative Assignment 2023-24 Approved
Online courses competency centre Support the development of capability across the University to increase the offering of online courses, including support for departments to plan, design, build, and deliver fully online courses. Competency Centre 2023-24 Approved
Physical spaces (Phase 1) 

Implementation of the short-term recommendations from the earlier investigative assignment into the fitness of our teaching spaces to support inclusivity, equity of experience, and innovative teaching practice.

Initial focus will be on forming a multi-disciplinary steering group of University leaders to consider proposals for introducing minimum standards for Oxford's teaching spaces, and make recommendations for the next steps needed to agree and implement these across the shared teaching estate.

Intervention 2023-24 Approved
End-to-end assessment review (Phase 2) The second (and final) phase of the end-to-end assessment review to understand the business processes and pain-points of the assessment lifecycle processes from the marking stage onwards, up to and including appeals, and to identify key areas for improvement to transform assessment processes at Oxford. Investigative Assignment 2023-24 Approved
Assessments adjustments The migration of dispensations, exam excusals and appeals related to assessments into eVision, to complete the centralisation of all assessment adjustment type casework. Intervention 2023-24 Approved
Online exams enhancements A group of initiatives to continue to enhance our online exam capability, including the expansion of facilities and capability for in-person typed exams; rollout of processes and functionality to enable departments to make use of Inspera for the authoring of online exam papers; providing colleges (and relevant departments) with the ability to run Collections on Inspera for students who will be sitting their summative assessments in Inspera; and a pilot of online marking in Inspera. Intervention 2023-24 Approved
Exam timetabling The current timetabling solution has no integration with the student records system, is heavily reliant on manual processes, and doesn't effectively support all modes of completion.
This initiative is a follow-on to the end-to-end assessment review investigative assignment, to deliver the recommended improvements to the timetabling processes and/or system.
Intervention 2024-25  
Digital assessments centre of excellence Dedicated roles to enable the complete review and update of assessment-related policies and regulations to fit with the embedding of online exams; support the implementation of best practice standards across the construction of assessments and their marking; introduce quality assurance and rigour to assessment; and share all of this with departments and colleges via a community of practice model. Community of Practice 2023-24