Investigative assignments: What you need to know...

Can you provide input to Oxford’s digital investigations? 

Oxford’s Digital Transformation programme is about making it possible for staff and students in all roles at Oxford to realise their fullest potential with new digital experiences that are good for people and planet. Right now, as part of its current foundation stage, the team is continuing to work on a set of investigative assignments. This is an opportunity for all parts of the University to help shape the digital future of Oxford.   

Why investigate? 

We are exploring a series of potential areas that Oxford may wish to introduce during the next phases of the digital transformation programme. Around 20 investigation teams of colleagues from across the University (plus external consultants) are analysing less well-understood ideas to recommend how the University could go about developing and implementing new solutions.  

What’s being investigated? 

Here is the full list of the investigative assignments. The investigations range from helping academics and students to have better research and data capabilities to assessing the potential of transforming teaching spaces and students’ digital experience. 

What will be delivered? 

Each investigation team will produce a report over the next couple of months recommending the next steps the University could take to realise its ambitions in the relevant digital theme. Their recommendations will feed into the business case for Phase 2 of the Digital Transformation programme. For example, an investigative team might suggest that Oxford introduces a new process, invests in new technology, or starts a new project to deliver what’s required. It’s also likely that the recommended approach could be to conduct further analysis before deciding the exact next steps.  

Why consult?  

Each investigative team is actively consulting with colleagues across the collegiate University, to make sure their recommendations reflect the richness and complexities of everyday work and life at Oxford. They want to understand the various scenarios, expectations, and needs of different people – staff and students – involved in a certain experience. 

How can I participate? 

Please have a look at the list of investigative assignments and consider if you can provide input. Your insights and ideas are welcome. As the timescales are quite tight, to ensure efficient use of everyone's time, specific individuals within academic divisions are helping to coordinate the input provided. They are:

  • Humanities Division: Erin Gordon, Head of Strategic Planning and Projects
  • Medical Sciences Division: Carolyn McKee, Head of Commercial Strategy and Risk
  • MPLS Division: Jeannie Scott, Strategic Projects Manager
  • Social Sciences Division: Mark McDermott, Head of Strategic Planning and Projects

These colleagues may be in touch to ask for your input, and should be the first port of call for any queries.

The project team will contact staff who do not work as part of an academic division (for example, GLAM, ContEd, colleges, UAS) where relevant. Anyone outside an academic division who would like to provide their input should contact the Digital Transformation programme team direct at: