What can the Workflow and Automation Competency Centre do for you?

The Workflow and Automation Competency Centre, led by Dave Smith, Enterprise IT Architect for the University, offers free consultation, staff training, and technical support in using current and new technology to help you transform the way that you, your department, or college works.  

Why automate?  

Automating elements of your workflow means replacing manual, potentially error-prone processes with simple but powerful software solutions. This can free up precious time for staff to concentrate on areas that add better value to colleagues, students, and other stakeholders.  

How does it work?  

The Workflow and Automation Competency Centre has already worked successfully with several departments within the University including the Department of Biology, the Finance Division and the Department of Tropical Medicine. We have also worked with the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) three times and have trialled three types of workflow automation, which you can read about in our Case Studies section on SharePoint (SSO Required). 

dave smith giving a presentation about workflow and automation with images from "we're going on a bear hunt" on the screen behind.

Dave Smith, who leads the Centre said

“When we started the Competency Centre, we had an idea that automation would be something people would be interested in, but it didn’t take us long to realise just how much demand there was. I have also been delighted to see our partnership with the Focus team developing along the way. Their support, experience, tools, techniques, and expertise now underpin everything we do. And alignment of workflow and process work with automation technology is going to lead to great outcomes for users.  
Our next priority is to build up our training resources; we have just appointed a training manager, Atika Hadi, so more news on this as we find and secure the trainings users need. Thankfully we have a brilliant team in the Centre who are making this happen.”  

The Workflow and Automation Competency Centre team will be at Oxford’s Digital Festival on 9 November at Jesus College, where we would love to discuss your ideas and answer any questions.