Workflow and Automation Competency Centre

Do you wish there was an easier way to input data, manage processes, or automatically provide updates to staff or external reporting bodies? Do you want to know more about the uses of tools like Microsoft Power Platform, or the transformative potential of AI?

The Workflow and Automation Competency Centre can help. We will provide a team of friendly business technologists and technical experts to help analyse your needs and provide practical solutions. We can offer free consultation, staff training, and technical support to transform the way that your department, centre or project works. Automating elements of your workflow means freeing up staff time and replacing manual, potentially error-prone processes with simple but powerful software solutions.

We’re not wedded to technological answers. We will work closely with Focus, Oxford’s change and continuous improvement initiative, to identify cases where changes in working practices, and staff skills and empowerment, can complement our technical offer. We can provide a single point of contact for your team, facilitating links with other IT or training providers at the University, to enable your digital transformation.


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What can the Workflow and Automation Competency Centre do for you?

The new Workflow and Automation Competency Centre is being made available to all staff as a part of Oxford’s Digital Transformation programme. To read more about the Centre, follow this link.

Get in Touch

We now have an Expression of Interest form available for those of you that are interested in workflow and automation for your department, college, faculty or division. Complete the form and one of us will get back to you to arrange an initial discussion. 

Workflow Solutions Project Launch

We've launched a project to create a catalogue of workflow solutions in place across the University of Oxford. By identifying and publicising the tools we already use, we can share expertise across the University and learn what's working well for other staff. We'll share and update this catalogue as soon as our first draft is complete, and will use it to identify opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and where we might be able to save money and effort by pooling our resources.