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Who is involved with Oxford's digital transformation?

The Information and Digital Committee acts as the programme board for Digital Transformation.

  • Senior Responsible Officer (SRO): Professor Anne Trefethen, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, People & Digital
  • Programme Director: Natasha Heaton
  • Programme Manager: Cathy Farrow
  • Programme Business Change Manager: Heidi Hunt
  • Head of Competency Centres: Alwyn Collinson
  • Communications Manager: Ejaz Khan  

The Digital Transformation Delivery Group members include: Anne Trefethen, Natasha Heaton, Sean Duffy, Stuart Lee, Ian Teasdale, Heidi Hunt, Cathy Farrow, Dave Smith, Ejaz Khan.

In addition, we will continue to engage with the relevant Committees of Council and when appropriate, Conference of Colleges to provide regular updates and seek their input in decisions.

As part of our ongoing work, we are working directly with various colleagues in divisions, departments, and central function teams to ensure that our interventions, investigative work and competency centres will reflect their perspectives and needs.

We also communicate news and updates via the Digital Transformation newsletter, Digital Digest, as well as UAS and divisional communication channels such as the AAD news alert.

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Send us an email at digital.transformation@admin.ox.ac.uk