Our approach

Principles for change

At the heart of digital transformation, we have four principles for how we will design new outcomes and four for how we will deliver changes. These principles are embedded in the governance and delivery of the programme, and in some sense form a contract for change:

Our design principles:

  • User need and business need
  • Security and privacy
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Efficiency through simplification and adoption of standards

Our delivery principles:

  • Agility - Able to adapt quickly to changing needs and environment
  • Partnership - Collaborating across the institution, and with external partners
  • Pace - Moving as quickly as we can and as slowly as we must
  • Subsidiarity - Allowing delivery and innovation at the most appropriate level of the organisation

Our considerations

We are constantly considering these questions with colleagues and students to make sure this transformation can best serve the needs of everyone across the collegiate University:

  • People - How can we be digitally confident to innovate individually and together?
  • Planet - How can we deliver outcomes that are good for the planet as well as people?
  • Culture - How can we devote ourselves to making Oxford digitally fit for the future?   
  • Process - How can we continuously reimagine the way we work?
  • Data - How can we trust data to make informed decisions?  
  • Technology - How can we use technology to simplify and make things easier for everyone?