Phase 2

Following months of detailed planning, consultation, and collaboration with hundreds of colleagues and students, we are able to go ahead with the following: 


  • The Digital Transformation Case for Support was approved by University Council last term. They have agreed a budget of £16.6 million for the year 23-24 with placeholders for future years. You can get a detailed picture of the progress we have made in the Foundation phase and the transformational initiatives we’re planning to deliver in Phase 2: read the Case for Support here.
  • Oxford’s new Digital Governance Framework and Operating Model has been agreed by the University Council. These governance changes will start being introduced from MT23 and will be a ‘truly transformational’ change in the way we think about, govern, and deliver digital change across the University. You can read more about digital governance here.
  • The IT Infrastructure Service Review recommendations have been delivered, you can read the recommendations report here. Working with colleagues across the collegiate University, the review has diagnosed the issues we face with the delivery of IT Infrastructure services across the University. The recommendations focus on the realisation of a new delivery model for the University’s IT Infrastructure service whereby component services are designed so they are ‘shared by default and bespoke by exception’.  

Thank you for your input 

Our thanks to hundreds of colleagues and students for their ideas, insights, and feedback during the last few months. Our large-scale engagement activities for all three of these programmes have been tremendous and have acted as a beacon of what we can achieve with University-wide effort.