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This information session is designed to introduce all University staff to the wellbeing resources and services available to them. The content can be adapted to specific staff populations and duration. 

The session can cover topics including: 

  • Why is wellbeing important? 
  • What are the drivers and outcomes of wellbeing? 
  • What does that mean for managers? 
  • How to manage your own wellbeing? 
  • What resources and services are available to you? 

The learning objectives are to:  

  • Introduce staff to the wellbeing resources and services available at the University;  
  • Reinforce the importance of wellbeing; 
  • Give staff the tools to support their own wellbeing;  
  • Reduce the stigma around wellbeing discussions; 
  • Promote good wellbeing practice across the University. 

Intended audience

This session is for all University staff and specifically for those who have welfare responsibility for staff within the University of Oxford.  


This session can be tailored to suit your needs. It can be delivered in person or online. Duration is 15 minutes or more depending on your chosen content. 


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You can also ask your wellbeing champion to present.

If you don't have a wellbeing champion, please do use the following resources to raise awareness of the programme offer:

1. Programme on a page (PPT)

2. Briefing document (PDF)


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