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As part of our approach to health and wellbeing, the University of Oxford has launched a number of initiatives and interventions to support employees and develop a culture of wellbeing. As part of these initiatives, we aim to facilitate and support a network of Staff Wellbeing Champions from a wide range of departments and roles across the University. There is a strong evidence base to demonstrate that these networks can play a key role in supporting wellbeing across an organisation.

Wellbeing Champions are volunteers from across the University who play a vital role in helping us achieve our wellbeing aspirations. The purpose of the network is to promote and support a healthy culture at the University of Oxford by raising awareness around health and wellbeing activities, and signposting to resources and support services. We know there are a large number of staff who are already championing wellbeing within their respective roles, so the aims of the network are to support existing staff already working as wellbeing champions, and grow the network by recruiting more volunteers. 

The role of a Wellbeing Champion includes:

  • Understanding Oxford’s Staff Wellbeing Strategy and six domains of wellbeing: Health, Work, Values and Principles, Social Growth, Personal Growth and Financial Wellbeing; 
  • Signposting staff to departmental, divisional and University wellbeing resources, services and events and national health and wellbeing days;
  • Arranging local wellbeing events to engage and support staff within their own department/faculty;
  • Being part of the Staff Wellbeing Champions Network in order to share best practice, stories and skills and provide a helpful ‘temperature gauge’ as to what’s working well and what needs more focus;
  • Contribute to the University’s vision that ‘everyone should be supported to feel and perform at their best as part of the University community.’

Please read the detailed information below. If you would like to become a Staff Wellbeing Champion, don't forget to seek your line manager's permission in advance.

  • Identify themselves as a Staff Wellbeing Champion and understand the University Staff Wellbeing Strategy;
  • Champion and promote University wellbeing activities, resources and services to colleagues at the local level;
  • Champion and promote Divisional and Departmental wellbeing activities where applicable;
  • Signpost colleagues to local, University and national wellbeing opportunities;
  • Arrange local wellbeing events to engage and support staff within their own department/faculty;
  • Engage with the Wellbeing Champions Network in order to share wellbeing best practice with colleagues; 
  • Attend relevant training and networking opportunities for Wellbeing Champions; 
  • Encourage discussions on mental wellbeing to help remove the stigma from talking about mental health issues;
  • A volunteer only signposts and advises –they should never try to take the place of any professional support service.

We are looking for people who:

  • Share the vision of the University’s Staff Wellbeing Strategy;
  • Are enthusiastic about wellbeing. We are looking for the type of person who is committed to wellbeing for themselves and others;
  • Have a positive, approachable nature and are able to respect confidentiality;
  • Have a supportive attitude to those who may have experienced mental health issues.
  • Speak to your line manager about the role and if they would support your application;
  • Speak to the Wellbeing team if you have any questions about the role;
  • If agreed with your department please complete this form and submit it to the Wellbeing team.
  • You will be able to share information and advice that could help improve the wellbeing of yourself and colleagues; 
  • You will have the opportunity to feedback and help contribute to wellbeing developments;
  • The role helps you connect with other colleagues across the University;
  • It’s a personal development opportunity.
  • A minimum one year commitment to the Wellbeing Champions Network;
  • Participate in the Teams Wellbeing Champions Network;
  • Attend meetings where necessary;
  • Communicate to your department that you are their Wellbeing Champion;
  • Feedback on activities undertaken at local level;
  • Contribute ideas and share best practice with the Wellbeing Champions Network.

[List of wellbeing champions to follow]

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