Financial Wellbeing: Empowering Women and Breaking Outdated Biases

The Strongfin team delivered this session on financial wellbeing for women online on Wednesday 14 June 10-11am. 

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Strongfin is a financial platform for women designed to educate, connect and facilitate proactive engagement with personal finances. They empower women to take an active part in their financial wellbeing and encourage them to better understand how they can best utilise their money.    

The current financial landscape is complicated, segmented and filled with dry jargon. There is also a high barrier for access to financial information and tools. But, it does not have to stay this way! With Strongfin, Anastasiya and Nir, alongside their wonderful and talented team, are providing their users  with  skills and knowledge they need in order to actively manage their money throughout different life events and stages. They empower their users to begin their financial literacy journey, and provide them with tools and support along the way.   
During this session, they will highlight the importance of ongoing, incremental financial management and how small changes over a period of time really do yield impactful results over the lifetime of the individual. They will illustrate the key ways financial management has significant, direct impact on the individual and also on their society. They will also deep dive into some key financial topics and key tools and behavioural tips women can leverage to fuel their financial independence. 


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About the speakers

anastasiya kizima

Anastasiya Kizima - Co-Founder & CEO  

Anastasiya is a fellow at University of Oxford and holds an MBA degree from Oxford, with a focus on FinTech and Entrepreneurship along with a BA in Finance and Economics from New York. She has over 13 years of global professional experience across Investment Banking, Financial Services as well as a number of years within Innovation, focusing on FinTech and Emerging Technologies. 

nir vulkan

Nir Vulkan - Co-Founder & CTO 

Nir is a University of Oxford professor and Fellow of Worcester College. He has conducted years of extensive research with a focus on FinTech, Financial Decision Making and Gender in Finance. Nir comes originally from a technical, computing background and is now also a successful serial Entrepreneur within the FinTech and Algo-Trading space 


juliet carter

Juliet Carter - Head of Marketing 

Juliet has over 16 years’ experience working within financial technology sectors. She is a B2B marketing specialist with a strong track record in leading marketing strategies that win customers and drive sales and profit. Juliet holds a bachelor’s degree from American University of Paris and an MBA from the University of Oxford, Said Business School. 

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