About Digital Transformation

Our ambition​

Together, we are imagining how Oxford University’s culture, processes, and technology must evolve in the digital era. ​

Making it possible for students and staff in all roles at Oxford to realise their fullest potential with new digital experiences that are good for people and planet. ​



Why transform?

The ability to innovate and transform with the changing ages is a timeless strength in Oxford’s story.  That’s one of the reasons our institution has been growing strong for nine centuries. Today, we are continuing to differentiate, create ground-breaking outcomes, and grow in our ever-changing world. 

Our systems must be simple, secure, and innovative. Across collegiate Oxford, we must have robust and connected digital underpinnings for our ambitions to be fully realised.

That’s why the Digital Transformation programme is a timely and strategic next step in Oxford’s evolution. It is about equipping our academics, researchers, and their collaborators with the highest-quality digital experience and capabilities so they can compete in the international research environment and continue to deliver world-leading innovation and discoveries. It is also about modernising the student experience with easy-to-use, reliable, and joined-up technology.

Focus areas

The programme is focusing on:

  1. New possibilities
    Innovating to advance teaching and research, and its dissemination by digital means.
  2. Enriching experiences
    Enhancing staff, student, public, and collaborator experiences in a hybrid world.
  3. Global impact
    Meeting our civic duty, not only locally and regionally, but globally and for our planet.
  4. Simplicity
    Simplifying processes and systems to save time, minimise effort, and reduce burden from workarounds and unconnected data and technologies.
  5. Growth opportunities
    Exploring new business models to increase revenue through online education, engagement and commercial activities.