How do I book rooms or facilities for meetings?

Managed buildings

If you work in a building that is managed by the Estates Services Facilities Management (FM) team, you can book meeting rooms via your building page if your building has subscribed to using the Planon system for reservations. You can also book catering for meetings via Occasions.

Please keep in mind that some departments do not make all their rooms available via FM Online. You might be able to reserve additional facilities in different ways, for example via the Nexus email system. Please contact the Estates helpdesk for advice via or call on 01865 270087.

Details for all buildings managed by the FM team can be found on the Estates Services website.


Other buildings

To book a meeting room or facilities in your own department or college which are not using the Planon system, please follow local procedures. Your Departmental Administrator or the local events team will be able to advise you.

To book a meeting room in another department or college, you may wish to refer to the Conference Oxford website, which provides information about meeting rooms and facilities available across the collegiate University. Conference Oxford also offers a free venue search among departments and colleges.

Video conferences

If you are organising a video conference, please refer to the list of virtual meeting facilities.


For details on how to book refreshments for your meeting, please visit the Facilities Management catering webpage.


The Oxford University Access Guide provides accessibility information specific to your building. If you require additional accessibility advice when planning your event, please contact the Equality and Diversity Unit.


Some buildings managed by Estates Services have car parking spaces available for visitors, which can be reserved via Planon. Check whether there is any parking availability in your managed building.

Event planning guidance

If you are planning a larger event, you may wish to refer to the event management toolkit provided by the Public Affairs Directorate’s event management team. 


Planon access

Many University buildings are subscribed to the Planon system to manage room bookings.  


New users can request access to the system via a webform. 


Contact the Estates Helpdesk

Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:00