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Based on feedback from people managers across the University, this programme was launched on 25 January 2023 to provide line managers with strategies to manage their own wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of their teams. 

The next workshop will be run online on Tuesday 16 May 2023 (11-1pm) and the subject is Reasonable Adjustments.

Hosted  by the Occupational Health Team and the Staff Disability Advisor, this introductory Reasonable Adjustments workshop will provide a definition of disability, an overview of reasonable adjustments, the requirements set down in law, how
these apply to employment, and will give relevant examples. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

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The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the professional body for HR and People Development, recommend you take this short quiz. It is designed to help you reflect on the extent to which your line management approach aligns with the five areas of line manager behaviour that support employee health, wellbeing and engagement.

 Line manager support: behaviours to support health, wellbeing and engagement quiz | CIPD​

Based on extensive Research (funded by the CIPD and led by Affinity Health at Work), the CIPD have developed a suite of support materials to help you support the health, wellbeing and engagement of your team.​

The CIPD also highlights that employees have a responsibility for looking after their own health and wellbeing. Wellbeing at Work | Factsheets | CIPD

Please signpost your teams to content in the ‘Looking after you’ section of this website.

The University offers multiple personal and professional development opportunities for its employees. Some are listed here: Personal and professional development | HR Support (

​The People and Organisational Development Unit (POD) have developed the following resources to develop line managers throughout the University: ​

​The Managers’ Tookit provides short topic guides for managers.​

​The Leadership framework has been developed with input from across the University and shares the skills and behaviours important to working in this Institution.

The Confident Manager Course aims to develop leaders across the University of all levels and experience.

​The totality of POD courses available around Leadership and Management are listed here: Leadership and management courses and resources | People and Organisational Development (​

If you would like to implement an operational improvement project within your team, please access the Focus Programme pages.

For further opportunities, please visit the lifelong learning and career development areas of the all-staff resources. 

Much of the day-to-day responsibility for managing employees’ health and wellbeing falls on line managers. This includes implementing stress management initiatives, spotting early warning signs of stress, making supportive adjustments at work, and nurturing positive relationships. Wellbeing at Work | Factsheets | CIPD

​Here are some of the policies produced by the University:​

For any other information relating to the day-to-day management of employees, use the relevant HR Support pages Home | HR Support ( or contact your local HR contact.​

The HR Support website gives guidance for managers on how to support staff with disabilities. Supporting staff with disabilities | HR Support (

EDU provide useful information for disabled staff and managers including funding, definitions and resources. Support for disabled staff | Equality and Diversity Unit (

For additional support, contact the Staff Disability Advisor at​

The CIPD have developed a guide to neurodiversity at work including useful tips on how to support neurodivergent staff at work. Neurodiversity at work | CIPD

EDU provides information about neurodivergent conditions and internal and external support and resources available for neurodivergent staff and for colleagues who would like to find out more about neurodivergence.

​If you require support around staff members with neurodivergent conditions or specific adjustments, please contact the staff disability advisor on

The HR Support pages give guidance for managers on how to deal with sickness absence, ill-health at work and sick pay.​

Sickness absence | HR Support (

​The Occupational Health Team also provide advice to managers on the following: ​

  • Staff illness and absence from work​

  • Staff returning to work following illness​

  • The effect an employee’s health may be having in the workplace or the effect the workplace may be having on the employee’s health​

  • Ill-health retirement reviews

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