Cloud Computing for Research AI and ML Competency Centre

Does your research need significant amounts of computing power, or to handle very large datasets? Are you interested in having access to scalable resources to enable your research? Do you want to explore the use of artificial intelligence or machine learning approaches in your research programme?

The Cloud Computing for Research AI and ML Competency Centre can help. Based in the Medical Sciences Division, we will have a small team of technical experts and software developers. We can help you to assess if there are benefits to choosing and deploying the cloud-based solutions for your research project. We can offer free consultation, staff training, and technical support to help protect your department, centre or project. 

We will be focusing on research computing, including AI/machine learning approaches, sharing best practice in the design and use of public/hybrid cloud services across domains via self-service tools and training. We will be working closely with the Advanced Research Computing service, the Biomedical Research Computing (BMRC) facility, and offering relationships with vendors such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

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Training and Resources Package

We've developed a training and resources package focusing on artificial intelligence/machine learning approaches in research, and how cloud-based solutions can help to support these methods.

Visit the Cloud Computing for Research AI and ML Competency Centre SharePoint Site for more details.

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