Service Reviews

Service Reviews allow us to consider and understand what is working well about an individual service and then working collaboratively with service providers and customers, identify improvements, remove duplication and unnecessary process to ensure they meet the needs of staff and students across the University.  

Service Reviews are commissioned by the Services Subcommittee and use Focus methodologies. They are normally sponsored by a Pro Vice-Chancellor (PVC) or the Registrar, with co-chairs drawn from the service area and one of the divisions.

There are usually two Service Reviews being facilitated by Focus at any time.


Current reviews

IT Infrastructure

Started in Michaelmas term 2022, the IT Infrastructure Service Review is considering the way in which IT infrastructure services are provided across the University. The review operates in support of the Digital Transformation programme and aligns with the IT Strategic Plan. The report and recommendations of the service review are due by Michaelmas term 2023. 

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Research Finance Management (Post-award)

The Research Finance Management (Post-award) Service Review began in Hilary term 2023. Building on existing work, the aim is to review the way in which the Post Award Research Finance Management service is carried out across the University to inform the development of a set of recommendations that will ensure the implementation of a more effective operating model for the University.

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Completed reviews

HR Grading

Completed in 2022, the HR Grading Service Review focussed on the job evaluation and grading process at the University. The review identified several improvements to simplify and reduce workload. A temporary triage service launched in February 2023 is one of the recommendations which has been implemented. 

Visit the HR Triage webpage to find out more.

UAS Communications

Completed in 2022, the UAS Communications Service Review looked at all the communications activities and staff within the Registrar’s remit. The recommendations of the review are being implemented and improvements are already having an impact, particularly in the area of collaboration and resource sharing.


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