Key Principles

We’ve published a set of principles designed to help professional services colleagues make decisions and guide the work that they are doing.

Principles explained

Here is a handy one-page explainer of these principles.


Our principles



We ensure our staff are supported and trained to deal with the requirements of their job and perform at the highest level of professionalism, with a focus on professional development and access to professional communities.


We embed a supportive, inclusive culture and increase the diversity of staff at all levels.

Workload and wellbeing

We place the workload and wellbeing of staff at the heart of our planning, ensuring that the demands placed on our staff are sustainable and that activity is appropriately prioritised – recognising that not all demands can be met


Working in partnership

We understand the implications of our decisions for other parts of the collegiate University, using the divisions as a bridge to ensure appropriate engagement between departments and the central University.


We ensure that the true cost (both people and resource) of activities is visible and understood for all elements of a service.

Strategic alignment

We ensure that our activities are in line with University strategies – recognising the need to reflect local circumstances.


Needs of stakeholders

We ensure that the needs of our students, academics, and other stakeholders are at the heart of our decision-making.

Continuous improvement

We review, refresh and improve our services in line with academic needs, ensuring that changes reduce complexity and make services simpler for all users to engage with wherever possible.


We use data to support effective decision-making, whilst ensuring that appropriate data collection and governance is a part of any development in service delivery or practice.

Value for money

We demonstrate value for money in both our ‘business as usual’ activities and new projects.

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