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Terms and conditions for staff ​

These staff handbooks, one for academic-related staff, one for support staff, give information relating to terms and conditions of employment. ​

Staff handbooks | HR Support (ox.ac.uk)


Annual leave Leave | HR Support (ox.ac.uk)

​Family leave Family leave | HR Support (ox.ac.uk). Contractual family leave and pay schemes are available from day one of your employment.​

​Career breaks Career break | HR Support (ox.ac.uk). ​

​Flexible working and working from home​

Information on flexible working and working from home can be found here: ​

Take time out of your working day ​

Take a moment to ground yourself or expand your horizons in one of these beautiful spaces:​

University facilities | HR Support (ox.ac.uk)

​Take advantage of staff discounts offered by Oxford University Sport: Home | Oxford University Sport

Travel to and from work​

The Home | Travel (ox.ac.uk) site for the University of Oxford details different methods of travel both into work and on business and the discounts available to staff on everything from bike repairs to rail travel.​

​Information about how to book travel for business: Travelling for business | Travel (ox.ac.uk). ​


For information on facilities and activities available to you and your family: Home | Oxford University Welcome Service.​

The Newcomers Club Home | Newcomers' Club (ox.ac.uk) aims to provide your partners with the social support they need whilst in Oxford. 

​Work + Family Space​

The Work + Family Space is a University benefit for all employees that offers access to emergency back-up childcare and adult care, a 'speak to an expert' phone line, and a wide range of guides and webinars. ​

The Work + Family Space | HR Support (ox.ac.uk)


For information about the English schooling system and how to find nursery or school places for your children in the area: Childcare and schooling | Oxford University Welcome Service.​

The Oxford University Childcare services Home | Childcare Services (ox.ac.uk) run nurseries around the city of Oxford and places are reserved for University employees and students. Some of the colleges also offer nurseries. 

The Focus Programme

Improving your wellbeing at work can be helped by making positive changes to the way you work, and the tasks you carry out in collaboration with other colleagues.​

​The Focus Programme is the University's change and continuous improvement team. It is supporting colleagues in building Continuous Improvement skills, teaching a combination of tools and techniques and the application of a growth mindset.  View the courses available.​

​For more information on how Continuous Improvement can help you and your team: Continuous Improvement (CI) - Get Involved! | Focus Programme (ox.ac.uk).

People and Organisational Development​

The People and Organisational Development (POD) unit aims to give University employees the skills they need to develop in their roles and their working practices. ​

​Multiple online courses can be accessed on the following links covering subjects such as time-management, assertiveness, work relationships, communication, change and conflict management. They are free to access and easy to use. ​

eLearning and self access resources | People and Organisational Development (ox.ac.uk)

Course listing | People and Organisational Development (ox.ac.uk)

LinkedIn Learning | IT Learning Centre (ox.ac.uk)

Coaching and Mentoring ​

The POD offers coaching and mentoring for all members of staff free of charge. Coaching and mentoring | People and Organisational Development (ox.ac.uk).​

Career development ​

Developing myself in my current role: Developing myself | People and Organisational Development (ox.ac.uk). ​

A step by step guide to developing myself for my next role: Developing myself for my next role | People and Organisational Development (ox.ac.uk). ​

For more information about career development visit the Career Development section of the online resource centre.​

​Do not tolerate bullying and harassment

The University does not tolerate any form of harassment or victimisation. Information about University policy, complaints procedure and contact details for harassment advisors can be found on the Equality and Diversity Unit’s Bullying and Harassment page. Harassment advice | Equality and Diversity Unit (ox.ac.uk) ​

​Online courses on how to deal with bullying and harassment in the workplace can be found here:​

Course listing | People and Organisational Development (ox.ac.uk) Under Personnel, and Diversity and Inclusion​.

How to seek support​

Contact your line manager for support at work. ​

​If you cannot access support through your colleagues or manager, we recommend you contact your local HR contact.


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