Looking after you - social growth

‘Give to others’ and ‘Connect with other people’ are two of the five ways to wellbeing developed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) in 2008 and adopted by the NHS and multiple businesses and academic institutions. This section directs you to resources around positive relationships and neurodiversity. 


If you are worried about your relationship and the way it is making you feel, there are lots of resources available to support you. The NHS Every Mind Matters website Personal lives and relationships - Every Mind Matters - NHS (www.nhs.uk) lists several charities providing relationship advice. ​

The People and Organisational Development Team provide courses and resources to help improve your work relationships. These are divided into the following categories: ​

  • Assertiveness and saying no​

  • Seeking support​

  • Conflict prevention and resolution​

  • Bullying and Harassment​

  • Communication​

Courses and learning resources | People and Organisational Development (ox.ac.uk)

For support and advice around sexual violence, domestic abuse, stalking and honour based violence, please see the resources listed here:   Sources of advice | Equality and Diversity Unit (ox.ac.uk).​

​For support and advice on bullying and harassment: Harassment advice | Equality and Diversity Unit (ox.ac.uk).


Support available


EDU provides information about neurodivergent conditions and internal and external support and resources available for neurodivergent staff and for colleagues who would like to find out more about neurodivergence.

Connect to others on the new staff Neurodiversity Network for those who are, identify as, or are helping to support colleagues who are neurodivergent. ​

​If you require support around neurodivergent conditions or specific adjustments, please contact the staff disability advisor on staffdisability@admin.ox.ac.uk.​

Neurodiversity at Oxford

Home | Neurodiversity at Oxford

​Neurodiversity at Oxford supports, celebrates, and empowers neurodivergent staff and students. The first project of its kind, it addresses the current lack of support for neurodivergent staff in Oxford and will benefit staff and students across colleges and departments The project offers staff and students a rich set of resources and activities for information, support, building social and professional networks, and mentoring for neurodivergent graduate students and staff.​

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Meet the team: 

Joanne Mason – Head of Wellbeing 

Lara Hayward – Wellbeing Programme Manager 

Frances Parkes – Wellbeing Skills Development Programme Manager