How-to guide: Employee Self-Service

5. View, download and print payslips and P60s

1. Click on My Payslips on the Home screen. A summary of your current payslip is displayed. See your recent payslips on the left, or click VIEW ALL for a full list. 

2. Click FULL PAYSLIP to open the payslip in full view.
3. To save your payslip, click DOWNLOAD PDF, bottom right. Save it in a secure location.
4. To print your payslip, download/save it, then print in the usual way. Take care when using a shared printer.

In the P60 Documents section of the My Payslips tab, click VIEW against the relevant year. A summary of the P60 will open in a new window.

Click GENERATE P60 to view a full version.

Note: Ensure you close the P60 window before logging out.

To print the P60, use the print option in the browser, eg 

View an older P60, by clicking VIEW ALL

Alternatively, save a copy as a PDF in the Print options.

You can also view your bank details from My Payslips tab.

You can only see your bank account number in the preview of ‘My Bank Accounts’. When you click VIEW, your bank account number and sort code will appear blank for security reasons. 

Note: Bank details cannot be updated in HR Self-Service. Contact your local HR with any queries or to update your bank details.