How-to guide: Employee Self-Service

6. View and apply for vacancies

View and apply for vacancies from within your ESS.

NB Please note, that in most, but not all cases, your existing Recruitment account (University’s online application portal), will be converted to an internal ESS account once you apply for a job internally. Find out more here: HR Self-Service FAQs.

Go to the Vacancies tab in the Employee Dashboard.


The recently published vacancies will be displayed here.

To filter vacancies by ‘External’ or ‘Internal’ status, click  to the right of the Recently Opened Vacancies screen.

NB ‘At risk’ is not currently in use.

Select the status you wish to search vacancies by using the toggle buttons.

Search by key word or vacancy ID number

Use the Search box at the top of the Recently Opened Vacancies screen, to search by key words or the vacancy ID number, if you have it.

Further search options

Click Advanced on the right to navigate to the standard vacancy search screen in Recruitment. This gives all the search options available in Recruitment, including searching by internal-only jobs.

To view the vacancy details, go to  and click ‘View Details’. 

This links to Recruitment, where you can view the full advert and the job description attachment. 

You can apply for a vacancy from within the Vacancies tab.

Locate your vacancy, go to and click ‘Apply for Position’. This takes you to your internal Recruitment account, without the need to log into the online application portal.

Follow all the Recruitment application system steps to complete and submit your job application.