Focus on People

Focus on People was announced by the Registrar in October 2019, and is currently in development.

It will involve a series of projects, initially focusing on two broad areas:

  • Leadership and management: providing support for new managers; enhancing resources for existing managers, and ensuring personal development reviews (PDRs)
  • Professional skills and career development: providing clearer frameworks for professional colleagues; extending professional networks, and developing clearer career paths

These projects will provide support for all professional services staff – whether they are in the central University or academic divisions.

Developing the programme

Engagement activities will take place in the coming months with professional services colleagues across the University, giving an opportunity for staff to feed in and shape its future.

While not formally part of the Focus programme at this stage, Focus on People is fully aligned with its ambitions to develop the best professional support services possible for the University.

If you would like to get involved, or have any questions, email