Your stories: keeping Oxford reading

Sue Killoran

Sue Killoran, Harris Manchester College

'The Oxford Libraries have never been so important to their readers', explains Sue. 'I cannot speak for the college libraries in any official capacity but we are all keen to help readers. Some of our colleagues have taken the budget set aside for books and put it towards the ebook budget operated by Hilla Wait at the Bodleian. Hilla is doing a tremendous job!

'There is great good will within the college libraries to try to make sure that the students and staff are supported over the next few difficult months. Some ways we have tried to help include:

  • College Libraries are buying books and sending them directly to reader's homes.
  • Some readers have scanned the odd chapter from books they have with them for their colleagues who cannot get access to the material – complying with copyright I might add.
  • Boxes of library books were couriered out to readers before the Library staff were required to work remotely.

'It was wonderful to hear about the Colleges who are able to accommodate key workers and the homeless.'

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