Tinbergen update

Work will start in the next few weeks, beginning with the erection of scaffolding and plastic sheeting to encapsulate the site to finish the removal of all asbestos containing materials from the façade of the building. The start of the demolition of the superstructure is planned for early 2020, to be completed by the end of the year.

The project team has been in detailed discussion with neighbouring departments over recent months about the enabling works required, which will include changes to the adjacent buildings - the Chemistry Teaching Laboratories and the Peter Medawar Building. Detailed plans are in place to minimise disruption for people using and passing through the Science Area.

Work is taking place with the architects, NBBJ, to finalise our design proposals for the new Life and Mind Building that will replace Tinbergen. Details of a second public consultation at the end of January will be made available when they are confirmed.