Switching off for Christmas

For many of us, the week between Christmas and New Year is a time to switch off from work and spend time with family and friends. But this year it’s an opportunity to switch off in a different way too.

As you will know, we’re working hard to reduce our energy use at the University – in face of soaring energy prices and in support of our environmental ambitions.

The University’s closure period is a great opportunity to focus our efforts on saving energy.

Under normal circumstances our buildings would be kept ticking over during the break, with the heating on – and we probably wouldn’t bother too much about turning off our computer screens, printers and lights.

This year, let’s be different. The Environmental Sustainability team is working hard with building managers to make sure that buildings are shut down where they are not needed during the break. And you can do your bit by taking care to turn everything off before you leave.

Thousands of staff and students each making small changes to their daily habits will make a huge difference to our overall energy use. So please, switch off for Christmas!

In the meantime, our efforts to reduce our energy use are really paying off, and there are some great examples such as the Saïd Business School and the chemistry research labs where term-time adjustments are already making savings.

Remember, everyone can play their part by following the five Be Energy Friendly tips:

  • Lights off: turn off the lights if you’re the last one to leave the room
  • Boil less: only boil as much water as you need (this could save £3 per day per kettle)
  • Layer up: bring a jumper for comfort during the winter months
  • Switch off: turn off appliances at the socket when not in use, and keep electric heaters off for good (they consume up to £1 of energy per hour and can increase the risk of fires)
  • Power down: turn off your computer and screen at the end of the working day, and make sure your computer is set to ‘hibernate’ if you’re away from your desk (find out more about how much power this can save)

Happy Christmas and New Year to you all, and if you need extra help, click on the following links to the Staff Financial Support Fund and our wellbeing support.