Sustainability Showcase celebrates University’s environmental successes

With initiatives like Green Impact and the Student Switch Off, the team works with staff and students across the University to help them reduce their environmental impact by making simple changes to how they live, work and study. These can be anything from energy efficiency and eating more sustainably to recycling more, using less water or conserving wildlife.

Since 2013, the achievements of our colleagues and students have been recognised at the annual Sustainability Showcase, an event that brings people together from all over the collegiate University to celebrate the steps taken towards greater sustainability over the last year. 

This year's celebrations were the biggest to date with awards presented to the top performers in the Student Switch Off engagement programme and in Green Impact, in which people form teams to make their buildings more sustainable. The winner of this year’s Sustainability Photographer of the Year competition, Hermione Grassi, Merton College, ‘Education Lights the Way’ (pictured below), was also announced and the ambitious new carbon target was unveiled.

Sustainability photographer of the year winner - Hermione Grassi 'education lights the way'

'Education lights the way', Hermione Grassi, Winner, Sustainability Photographer of the Year competition 2019


Find out who the winners were at this year's Showcase here

For more information on the Environmental Sustainability team and the many programmes that you and your team can support, visit their page