Returning to on-site working with environmental sustainability in mind

environmental sustainability banner - rethink your resources

We adapted to working from home, showing we can adjust when needed, and hopefully we can adopt some of the changes we made for good. The University’s new Environmental Sustainability Strategy was approved in March 2021. Work has now begun to implement it throughout the University, and staff and students are encouraged to get involved with this process.  

How can colleagues approach becoming more sustainable? 

There are many ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We have put together some suggestions on how to rethink your working practices in our Returning to work on site – Oxford University Environmental Sustainability guide. This guide offers ideas on several aspects of environmental sustainability that teams across the University can apply immediately. In each area, there are some quick and easy-to-implement suggestions, and others that will require more time, effort and resources. The actions are arranged for teams that are Beginners, Advanced and Moving Forward. We invite you to choose the parts that suit you best and implement them on a schedule that works for you. This can be done for departments, buildings, colleges or smaller teams. 

environmental sustainability poster for returning to work onsite