PhotOx photography society – sign up for Michaelmas term sessions

Photographer David Tolley set up the PhotOx Photography Society to provide a friendly, creative environment, where Oxford University staff and students passionate about digital (or film) photography will receive inspiration, technical advice, and constructive feedback on their images.  

Whether you have a Nikon or Canon DSLR; a mirror-less M4/3; a point-and-shoot camera, or just an iPhone – you will learn how to compose, expose, and capture better images.

Tutor: David Tolley Professional Photographer/Lecturer
Membership Fee: £70 per term – payable at the start of the first class on Thursday 17 October
Classroom Sessions: The Collier Room, Regent’s Park College Pusey Street, OX1 2LB (off St. Giles)

To become a member of the PhotOx Photography Society just email: using your University/OUP email account and put PhotOx in the subject box.

Please view the term card for details on the classes.