Personal active travel planning

We know many staff live outside of Oxford, and we want to help you commute more sustainably. Now is a good time to build some active travel into your routine by adding cycling and walking into your usual trip by public transport or car.

This won’t just reduce your environmental impact; it can also improve your mental and physical health by building exercise into your day, and it even saves time you’d otherwise spend stuck in traffic.

To help get you ready, the Environmental Sustainability team have teamed up with a personal active travel planner, and we are looking for six recruits to try the service out.

We want to learn from your experiences to see what helps and what the challenges are along the way. 

If you are interested in joining the trial and receiving a free bespoke session, please register here.

What is personal active travel planning?

It’s a technique that delivers targeted information, incentives, equipment and motivation directly to individuals to help them make more active travel choices.

Thinking about cycling for the first time? Planning a cycle journey and don’t know what type of bike is best? Want to plan the perfect route but don’t have time to research options, much less figure out all the details? Hoping to enjoy your trip without
worrying about what to wear and where to leave your bike at the other end? Concerned about maximising the fun and minimising the stress?

Yes? Well, you need a personal active travel planner!

You’re more than welcome to plan your own trip. However, by using a travel planner, you’ll save time, stress, and – hopefully – money by trying out different types of bicycles (including e-bikes!) and discussing equipment and clothing options before buying

The emphasis is on bespoke one-to-one sessions, finding out your goals and helping you achieve them.

Wheels for All Oxford can offer bespoke active travel planning sessions for free to six staff members sign up.

Interested in a free bespoke session?