Virtual appointments and support update

Virtual appointments with OUI staff

In place of the popular OUI hotdesks, hosted by University departments, OUI staff are now available for virtual 'drop in' appointments. All staff, students and researchers are welcome to use these resources. No question is too small and no project too early!

Details about this initiative are available on the OUI website.

COVID-19 projects

OUI is working with researchers to support and facilitate projects related to COVID-19. Delivering these projects efficiently, whilst preserving an appropriate commercial position for the medium to long term, is now under review. 

In collaboration with Research Services and with the support of Professor Patrick Grant, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), OUI has published updated licensing guidance/principles specific to COVID-19 projects.

As the first line of this guidance states, the aim of these changes is to expedite access to Oxford IP – to enable global deployment at scale of associated products and services to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Projects that OUI are currently involved with include:

  • Professor Sarah Gilbert’s vaccine programme. OUI have protected the IP and are supporting discussions with potential commercial partners to ensure the vaccine can progress as quickly as possible through preclinical and clinical testing, be produced at the scale needed for global supply and can be delivered to all parts of the world affected by coronavirus.
  • Working with Professors Cui and Huang to support a new rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19, co-developed by the IBME and OSCAR.  OUI is supporting the commercialisation via a suitable licensing route.
  • Running the University Challenge Seed Fund (UCSF) – a translational fund. Any projects submitted which are COVID-19 related will be fast-tracked. All divisions and departments may apply for translational funding. For advice please contact your department’s OUI Licensing and Venture Manager in the first instance. For any follow up questions please contact either Jaz Jandor or Adam Workman.

For further information on COVID-19 related funding calls for researchers and companies please visit the Research Services website.