Nutrition and Physiological Health - “Is sugar really killing us?”

dr michael stein

Dr Michael Stein CEO of Added Health delivered this session online on Monday 19 June.

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The body has two fuel systems - one that “burns” sugar (from carbs) and the other that “burns” ketones (from fat). The talk will cover what happens if we have excess sugar as fuel. And provide surprising practical tips for how to optimise the carbs that you eat.


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About the speaker

Dr Michael Stein - CEO Added Health
Dr Stein is a seasoned and enormously qualified healthcare veteran. He earned a D Phil (PhD) in Physiological Sciences (Immunology) from Oxford University and lectured in immunology and pathology. He has also served as an executive leader and board member, including for Map of Medicine (which he co-founded) and immuno-oncology biotech business Valo Therapeutics.
Dr Stein’s tragic loss of a dear friend inspired him to help others understand and take control of their health. Now, he is using proactive, preventative medicine to keep people well.

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