Nominating Committee for the Vice-Chancellorship

The Committee will report to Council by the end of this academic year with a recommendation that a named individual be appointed to take up the role in late 2023 when the term of the current Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson, comes to an end. As is usual, the process of appointing her successor has begun now to ensure that the next post-holder is in a position to take up the role for MT 2023.

As part of the recruitment process, the Committee is interested in hearing from any member of the University community with views about the role of Vice-Chancellor, or about the qualities required of potential candidates for the role.

The Committee is therefore seeking views on the following question: 

'What are your thoughts on the nature of the role of the Vice-Chancellor, and on the background and qualities required of potential candidates for the role, given the likely challenges of the coming decade?'

If you would like to submit your views for consideration by the Committee you can do so by emailing the Chancellor, as Chair of the Committee, by the end of October. All emails will be received in confidence. Members of the Committee will receive only anonymised feedback.

Further information about the Nominating Committee.