New programme director for Digital Transformation

Dear colleague, 

I am writing about a change of leadership for the Digital Transformation programme. 

Stuart Lee has decided to step away from his role as Programme Director of Oxford’s Digital Transformation. Stuart has been my ‘co-pilot’ for the last two years, having previously supported Sean Duffy, CIO, in the development of the iTransform initiative on which we have built digital transformation.

I am extremely grateful for Stuart’s expertise, acumen, and counsel during the development of the complex bids and cases for support and his ability to work with colleagues to understand the priorities and aspirations across the institution.  

Stuart will return to his full-time post as Deputy CIO and head of the Office of the CIO. Although stepping away, Stuart continues to be a key individual in the digital transformation programme and will be designing, developing, and helping to deliver key elements of our new governance and delivery model. I’d like to say a huge thanks to Stuart for his contributions to date and look forward to continuing to work closely with him. 


I’m delighted to announce that Natasha Heaton is joining us as our new Programme Director. Natasha is just finishing her role as the Director of Strategic Programmes and BI at Saïd Business School. In this role, she has been leading user experience, change management, programme management, and all things data. Natasha’s career spans 27 years in IT, ranging from infrastructure support to digital transformation in both commercial and Higher Education, including at Elsevier where she worked with global teams to move the company from publishing to global information analytics. At the business school, Natasha ran a Salesforce transformation, establishing a new compliant data architecture, streamlining processes, and putting the customer/student/client at the heart of everything.

Natasha tells me she is very much looking forward to blending her intuitive drive for discovery and her hard work ethic to lead Oxford’s digital transformation.  I’m sure you’ll join me in congratulating Natasha on her new appointment. 


With best wishes, 

Professor Anne Trefethen, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (People & Digital)