New Menopause Support Network

Following the launch of the University's Menopause in the workplace guidance in October 2022 and information workshops run by HR Support in conjunction with Over the Bloody Moon, we have launched the new Menopause Support Network.

The University recognises that menopause can affect people in many different ways: the effects may be mild or severe, and may be temporary or long-term.  The University seeks to offer a positive, open and supportive work environment where those who are experiencing negative effects of menopause feel able to ask for, and receive, the support they need to continue to thrive here at all stages of life. This network aims to offer a safe space for colleagues who are going through menopause to share experiences and information, and find or offer peer support. We will also post any relevant events and workshops on the network to keep you in the loop.

The Menopause Support Network is set up as a private channel within the Wellbeing Network (on Microsoft Teams). To join, you will first need to join the Wellbeing Network below. You can then email us at to request access to the private Menopause Support Network channel.

Join the Wellbeing Network