Introduction to Inclusive Teaching at Oxford

The new Introduction to Inclusive Teaching at Oxford course provides a range of inclusive teaching strategies for tutors across different disciplines throughout the University.

The degree outcomes of students from under-represented groups are currently lower than the student body as a whole. This particularly impacts students from BAME groups, POLAR4 areas and students with disabilities. The course helps teaching staff to build on their inclusive teaching practices for the benefit of all our students. It highlights some of the obstacles that prevent students from taking the best from our teaching, and shows them how to apply practices that support the needs of our diverse student body.

The course has been developed in collaboration with academic staff and tutors at Oxford, Oxford SU and University support services including the Disability Advisory Service. It builds on the existing range of resources for staff looking to make Oxford more inclusive for students, including the Flexible and Inclusive Teaching materials, which have been developed since the start of the pandemic.

Both academic and professional staff play a pivotal role in making Oxford more inclusive, and everyone can make a difference. I encourage you all to take the time to make use it, to help ensure that none of our students miss out on Oxford’s world-class education due to their background or identity.

Martin Williams, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Education

The course, which will take between three and four hours to complete, is applicable to all who teach students. Sign up or find out more on the Centre for Teaching and Learning website.