Mosaic - new UAS websites go live

The newly migrated websites comprise:

Staff Gateway
Academic Support (AAD)
Childcare Services
Legal Services
Proctors’ Office
Sheldonian Theatre

In some cases information has been split out into a completely new website (e.g. Travel) as part of the work to help visitors find the information they require quickly and easily.  We have checked for broken links and activated redirects to reduce the disruption to you as users.  You might need to update any bookmarks you have to these websites. 

We welcome your feedback but ask that any issues or questions regarding individual websites are directed to the contacts advertised on those sites.

The new Finance, IT Services and Equality & Diversity websites are expected to go live by July while further UAS websites including Estates Services and Human Resources (Personnel) will be re-launched by the end of the year. We ask for your patience while we are in this transitional state with some UAS sites having moved to Mosaic and others not. 

For further information please see the project website.