Message of condolence from Marsha Wallace

Message of condolence from Marsha Wallace, uffield Department of Medicine

The queen has inspired so many, including me from a young age. As a young kid in America, kings, knights, and fairies were all fantasy, except Queen Elizabeth was fascinatingly real. In grade school, for an art project to be dedicated and sent to anyone in the world, I chose the Queen. Those were the days before PCs and home printers, so I remember thumbing through dusty library books to find pictures of the Queen, printing them out in black-and-white, then coloring them in with markers. She and I shared a love of dogs, so of course in my accompanying letter, as young children do, I asked her all about her corgis. I sent the poster off and was so touched when many weeks later, I received back a gorgeous letter and loads of information about the corgis. It gave me a sense of connectedness. And many years later I came to Oxford my postdoctoral studies, ultimately becoming a dual citizen and swearing fealty to the Queen. An incredible journey, and I will always be grateful to the Queen for her love of people, no matter where in the world. To you, Your Majesty, thank you for everything - all your service and devotion to make the future brighter for all of us.

The Book of condolences for Her Majesty The Queen