Message of condolence from Lawino Susan

Message of condolence from Lawino Susan, Mansfield College porter

Memories of you my  highness the majesty and mum I called you mum because my Grandma passed away at 106 yrs in June 2015 .
she was strong like you, we always listen to her Advisee and words of wisdom.

Our QUEEN We        YOU

Its been the hardest thing to lose you
You meant so much to me and the world 
But you are in our heart Mum and
That's where you will always be
I know that Heaven called you
But I wish you could have stayed
At least the memories I have of you
 will never fade away
I did not want to lose you
but you did not go alone
Because apart of me went with you
When heaven called you home
So just remember one thing
we are not apart
your with me in my memories
and in my broken heart.
May you rest well queen the Great.
Susan lawino

The Book of condolences for Her Majesty The Queen