Lucy Curtin

By running the University's PA/EA Network Lucy is a champion of the University's strategic goal of "One Oxford". She set the network up a few years ago, originally across the Medical Sciences Division. Membership organically then spread across the University with a momentum accelerated by the advent of remote working. Members of the group used to meet in person as a lunch club prior to lockdown but has evolved into a very active forum on Teams to troubleshoot a range of topics - how to use breakout rooms, what to do when you've been locked out of R12, how to set up a virtual Town Hall meeting, how to access your boss's account with the advent of Multi Factor Authentication - the list goes on.......The PA/EA network is an invaluable resource for anyone doing a PA or EA role at the University. Thanks so much to Lucy for setting it up.

Thank you from Jo Peel, EA to Head of Department, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology