Look out for the new online expense claims system

SAP Concur should make expense claiming easier, not least because the system will tell you if you have missed out information or that more detail is required before you submit your claim, reducing the risk of mistakes. A conversation with a colleague in Medical Sciences Division, who has used SAP Concur at a previous employer, helps us to see some of its main advantages:

It was just so intuitive to use, very simple and would alert you if something was missing



With SAP Concur you will have the option to photograph your receipts as you go using the mobile app and to submit your claim from wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection:

It’s an up-to-date intuitive multi-platform system providing ease of use. . .(It was great) having the mobile app and being able to take a picture (of a receipt) in the app and directly attach it to the claim

You will also be able to see at what stage your claim is in the approvals process:  

(It) enables you to feel more in control of your expenses because you can monitor submitted claims

Overall, this colleague anticipates SAP Concur being ‘a time-saving solution’ for the University.

As someone who checks and approves expense claims, sending a claim back for more information or explanation from the claimant couldn’t be easier – just a click of a button – while inbuilt notifications provide reminders of what you should be looking out for when checking an expense claim. Some budget-holders will be able to do this using the mobile app, departmental approvers will need to use the web browser.

It will be easier to access expenses information, with so much captured via SAP Concur, as highlighted by another colleague, from Estate Services, who has used the system at a previous employer as well:


I think the biggest benefit was the administrative side, the streamlining, that data was available 

When will SAP Concur be introduced?

Rollout of SAP Concur is expected to start towards the end of this calendar year.  

Who will use SAP Concur?

SAP Concur is being introduced for use by all staff and students with a Single Sign-On (SSO) user ID across the University’s academic divisions, GLAM, Continuing Education and UAS. In addition, it will be used by Kellogg College, St Cross College and Reuben College. 

What expenses can be claimed through SAP Concur? 

Staff and students can claim almost all expenses for less than £10,000 through SAP Concur, including claims allocated to project or departmental budgets.  Exceptions are claims against advances and some expense items that form a taxable benefit.

For further information please see the Finance Division website. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the project team via expensesproject@admin.ox.ac.uk.