Kaja Wawrzak

Thank you for the time you give to answering even the smallest of queries and for hosting the informal chats for newbies and keeping the 'chat' going! Thank you for making us all feel welcome! You have made a real difference to starting a new post in the department during lockdown!

Thank you from Fauzia Knight, Qualitative Research Fellow, Department Psychiatry



Thanks so much for going out of your way to make all us new starters feel welcomed and supported. You seem to glide through requests, as if nothing is too much trouble and your friendliness has made joining at this weird time, a really positive experience. THANKYOU!

Thank you from Ruth Potts, Wellbeing Practitioner, Department of Experimental Psychology


Dear Kaja, Thanks so much for providing such amazing support for the team - especially for us as new starters. It is incredibly valuable to feel so welcomed, especially when starting a new job virtually during a global pandemic. Thanks for being so attentive to emails and questions and for bringing people together for check ins. Your happy, warm and kind personality is such a source of positivity!

Thank you from, Natascha Niekamp,  Research Assistant, Department of Experimental Psychology