Join the conversation: USS pension webinar 3 June

On Wednesday 3 June from 11:30 to 12pm a panel of internal colleagues and independent advisors of the Oxford USS Review Working Group will answer your questions during a live webinar.

  • What is happening with the 2020 valuation and what are the next steps?
  • What is the University’s view of the current situation, and the steps it is taking?
  • What is the likely impact of COVID-19 on the scheme?

These questions and more will be addressed.

Join the conversation

To access the meeting on 3 June you will need to use the following link: USS webinar - 3 June 2020

Please read the below instructions before joining the meeting.

  1. For security reasons, please enter via the Teams desktop or smartphone app, through your Outlook or Teams calendar, to ensure you enter behind SSO. Download the free Teams application (PC/Mac).

  2. Click on Join or Join Teams Meeting in the calendar entry in your diary.

Entering Teams through a browser may bypass your SSO and leave you waiting “in the lobby” to enter the call as a guest, unless you access email and enter from your calendar.

If you do enter via browser link, the organiser will need to let you in. Please ensure you sign in with your full name to assist us in identifying you. If we cannot identify you, you may not be given access to the meeting.

  1. Plug your device into a charger before the session starts.

  2. The Teams Meeting will open 15 minutes beforehand. When you enter, mute your audio and disable your video, to maximise audio quality for everyone. On entering, hover over the screen to see the microphone and video icons indicating if they are on or

  3. When you access the meeting, you should see a welcome slide with the meeting title. The presenters will follow.

  4. Switch on the chat window using the icon in the menu bar. This will enable you to ask questions during the meeting, which will be addressed by the panel towards the end.

  5. If you have any technical problems while listening, leave the call and then come back in. You could try moving to another room, ensuring you have closed down all unnecessary applications and browsers, or asking other members of your household to limit
    their usage temporarily.


This meeting will be recorded to share with members who are unable to attend.

Meet the panel

Fabian Essler

Fabian Essler, Professor of Theoretical Physics


Julian Duxfield

Julian Duxfield, Director of HR

Lindsay Pearson, Director of Finance

Lindsay Pearson, Director of Finance

rhiannon curtis

Rhiannon Curtis, Aon representative

lee spithray

Lee Spithray, Head of Pensions