Join a sustainability scheme: Green Impact and LEAF welcome new teams this academic year

Green Impact is a United Nations award-winning programme that provides simple and effective ways for staff and students to improve the sustainable practices of their buildings, department or college. We have tailored the online workbook to align with the University’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) is an innovative scheme that drives improvements in laboratory efficiency and helps identify practical steps to making labs more sustainable.  

We need you! 

You – the staff members working in the various buildings, departments, labs and colleges – know best how your team works, what the potential for positive change is and who to approach to support this change. 

Get involved and join over 150 teams across the University working on Green Impact since 2013 and 100 teams working on LEAF since 2020.  

Together, the teams have done thousands of small actions – all accumulating together to create significant change. By spending up to one hour a week, a small team can motivate enough impact to reach a Bronze Award in a year. There is so much to do and so many of us to do it, so let’s join forces and be part of the solution.  

Welcome sessions 

Green Impact 

We are running a Green Impact welcome session on 20 October at 12:30pm, which will serve as an introduction for new teams and a refresher for more experienced team. The session will offer general support and a chance to get to know each other. 

Read our guide to learn how to work with the Green Impact online platform and find tips to help you get started. 


We are running a welcome session on 27 October at 11:00am for LEAF which will introduce the scheme, the timeline for this year and give practical tips on how to complete your submission. Please join our Sustainable Lab Leaders MS Teams group for more details. 

Learn more about LEAF 

Learn more about Green Impact