Increase to the Oxford Living Wage

logo for the oxford living wage

Last year the University committed to paying the Oxford Living Wage (OLW), benefitting our lowest paid workers and resulting in almost 2,000 members of staff receiving a pay boost. This included office and clerical support staff, library assistants, security staff, technicians, retail workers and apprentices.

In November 2020, Oxford City Council raised the OLW from £10.21 to £10.31 per hour. This will be implemented by the University from 1 April 2021, increasing the bottom point on the University’s salary scale (national spinal point 10) to the value of £19,568.

What is the Oxford Living Wage?

The OLW is a minimum hourly pay rate, set by Oxford City Council. It reflects that Oxford is one of the most expensive cities to live in the UK, and helps accredited employers demonstrate their value for their workforce. The University has a commitment to paying the Oxford Living Wage, which benefits its lowest paid staff.