History of Science Museum launches Collections Online

With over 33,000 items and new search functionality, the History of Science Museum’s Collections Online is live for researchers and students returning for Michaelmas Term.

Accessible for the first time from a single search page, our collections include intriguing objects, manuscripts, and archives connecting people, science, art, and belief across centuries of human curiosity.

Collections Online lets you choose how to frame your research queries:

  • Type your chosen keywords into Simple search — use standard operators to refine your results
  • Select one of our six Browse tiles (Makers, Objects, Subjects, Collections, Places, or Archives) to focus on your chosen topic or theme
  • Use Advanced search for defined queries — or explore our collections on a trip through history using the new date slider.

From Einstein’s Blackboard and stories of Oxford science to regal astrolabes and tales of time, your journey of discovery starts here.

Find out more on the History of Science Museum website.