Give As You Earn

red and blue Giving Tuesday campaign logo

If you’re thinking of financially supporting a cause on Giving Tuesday – or at any other time – you can find out more about our Give As You Earn (GAYE) scheme on the Finance website, which provides an
easy and tax efficient way to make donations.

The University’s GAYE scheme operates through the Charities Aid Foundation. The scheme enables employees to make charitable donations via the payroll and, because of the special tax status of such schemes, these donations attract tax relief at the employee's
highest marginal rate. For example, a £10 donation costs you £8 (£6 if you are a higher rate tax payer).

Donations can be one-off or made on a regular basis. You can donate to specific charities or pay donations into a 'Personal Charity Account' which allows you to give to any charity at any time.

To start giving, simply use the GAYE online employee donation form

This year alone our employees have donated almost £100,000 to around 90 different charities through the scheme. And since 2005, when GAYE was first introduced at the University, donations to a diverse range of local, national and international charities
total just under an impressive £1 million.